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The Department of Botany with the Botanical Garden operates as an inseparable unit within the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. Uninterrupted studies of botany began in the academic year 1875/76, which also marked the beginning of the Institute of Botany and Physiology, as it was originally named and which was then housed in the building of the Upper-town high scool. Even then the Institute boasted a herbarium of 10000 sheets donated by the first professor of botany of the University of Zagreb, B. Jiruš. From those restricted premises the Institute moved to the main University building, now housing the University administration and Chancellor's offices, and later on to 20 Marulić square. Nowadays the Department of Botany is accommodated in three places: at 20 Marulić Square (vegetation, geobotany, ecology, Croatian Herbarium nad offices), at 9A Marulić Square in the Botanical Garden (systematics, flora, anatomy, virology, horticulture and the Garden's Administration), and at 6 Roosevelt's Square (microbiology and lower plants as well as physiology). The Botanical Garden was established in 1889. The Institute of Botany nad Botanical Garden offer courses in almost all fields of botany included in the curricula of the studies of botany at the Department of Botany. The scientific research by the members of the Department of Botany and the Botanical Garden covers a broad range of botanical problems from investigation into virus particles bacteria to algae and higher plants to vegetation, ecology and physiological characteristics of plants. Head of Department is prof. dr. B. Pevalek-Kozlina


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Geobotany, Ecology, Floristics and  Vegetation Mapping

Plant Virology and Anatomy

Microbiology and lower plants

Plant Physiology

Plant Systematics and Flora

Botanical garden


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Acta Botanica Croatica

Delectus Seminum 2004 (in PDF format)




Herbarium croaticum (ZA)

Herbar Ive i Marije Horvat


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