Arboretum "Opeka" is situated on about 20 km, northwest from Varazdin. Its establishing started in XVIII century. It is known Croatian arboretum from the continental region which on a space of 64 hectares represents a park shaped in an English style and its plants are collected from all the regions of the north temperate zone.

Different trees and bushes are classified into 68 families, 156 genus and more than 600 species and on that relatively small place there are about 100.000 individuals. There are pretty, a little bit older coniferous forests and deciduous trees in this arboretum which one seldom sees in any part of our country.

The arboretum is worthy of attention because it has a landscape shape, and its rich inventory serves for introducing possibilities of acclimatization, but its role is multiplex and it is lined with those park realization which have a significant horticultural and art value. Along the arboretum, "Opeka", in 1958 a gardening school was opened for teaching gardening staff, also a modern gardening was constructed and a dendrology nursery which had 1.200 species even in 1962, and it had characteristics of different plants of coniferous forests and deciduous trees.

This arboretum was put under the protection in 1961 as a special object of Nature (horticultural monument).