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African Small Mammal Newsletter
Assessment of body condition and dietary history in wild mammals OU research project
Bishop Museum Vertebrate Zoology Collection types database
CAUZ Members with an Interest in Mammals list arranged by taxonomic interest groupings
Census of Australian Vertebrate Species (CAVS) mammal list
Class Mammalia UMMZ Animal Diversity Web
Convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals, Bonn species list
Cornell mammalogy page
Danish Zoological Museum Mammal Section
Endangered Mammal Research at JCU James Cook University of North Queensland
Endangered species found on units of National Wildlife Refuge System US Fish Wildl Service
Facts on File Book Catalogue browse mammals section via Inforonics Server
Faunmap Illinois State Museum database on late Quaternery distribution of mammals in US
FAUNMAP-L Faunmap discussion list
Florida Museum of Natural History Mammalogy Department
Institute of Arctic Biology University of Alaska, incl Large Animal Research Station
Ivory identification scheme US National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory
Journey North global study of wildlife migration - incl mammals
KUNHM Division of Mammals Kansas University Natural History Museum
Mammal exhibits at UC Museum of Paleontology Berkeley
Mammal Society UK
Mammal Species of the World
MAMMAL-L discussion group digest
Mammalogists on e-mail American Society of Mammalogists
Mammals of Southwestern North Dakota
Mammals of Washington Slater Museum of Natural History
MVZ Mammal Collection UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
NETVET animal archives & information links to many resources
New Orleans Zoo mammal images
Parasitology research in Bolivia University of Nebraska State Museum
Peabody Museum mammal collection incl skin and skeleton collection searches
Pleistocene Mammals in the Russian Palaeontological Institute
Revolution and evolution in taxonomy mammalian classification before and after Darwin
Smithsonian mammal collection index
Species of special concern Montana Natural Heritage Program
Tasmanian mammals Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service
Texas Agricultural Extension Service publication abstracts Wildlife Management Information
Threatened Fauna in Australia: a select bibliography
Tree of Life - Mammalia
Uncommonly used laboratory animals incl species lists with common names, research uses
University of Alaska Museum mammal collection
University of Texas at El Paso Centennial Museum mammal collections
Wombats, Marsupials, and Other Animals from WombatNet
World Species List (WSL) - All Marine Species links to lists of marine and endangered spp
World Species List (WSL) - Mammals
Bear Den global bear resource center with information on biology of each species
Feline Conservation Center FCC, Rosamond, California
Feline WWW site list
Ferret Central ferret information and links
Grizzly bear study Resouce Development and Wildlife, Alberta
International otter survival fund IOSF
Lifelines (Wolves) informal newsletter for lovers of wolves & wolf hybrids in North America
Mexican forest carnivores Gaia Earthwatch threatened habitats project
New polar bear habitat North Carolina Zoo
Sabre-Toothed Cats UCMP exhibit
Spotted hyena information
Wolf Haven International conservation of wolves and their habitats
Wolf images
Wolf Society home page
  • Minnesota Wolf Project Study Unit
  • Wild About Wolves
  • Wolf Haven Home Page
  • Wolf Park Home Page
    Wolf Study Project (K-12)
    Wolves on the Web information and collected links
    Yahoo - Environment and Nature:Wildlife:Wolves
  • Cetacea (incl general marine mammals)
    alt.animal.dolphins newsgroup
    Atlantic Dolphin Research Cooperative (A.D.R.C.) migratory patterns and life histories of bottlenose dolphins
    Bioacoustics & Sonar Research Group University of Loughborough UK (incl cetacean echolocation etc)
    Cetacean pictures University of Amsterdam dept of Biology
    Cetacean Society International
    Cetaceans gallery University of Pisa Museum of Natural History
    Charlotte, the Vermont Whale an electronic museum
    Dolphin and Research and Welfare Organizations
    Dolphin Information Resources AquaThought Foundation
    Dolphin Information Server
    Dolphin Page
    Dolphin Project Europe--Newsletter EnviroNews Archive: E-Link
    ECS-News European Cetacean Society News discussion list
    ENVOCEAN: Oceans and Their Life incl marine mammals
    Fondazione Cetacea marine conservation organization, Italy
    Interspecies Communication between man and marine mammals
    Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics general page incl Cetacea
    International Dolphin Project San Diego, California
    Marine-biology Mammals CalPoly database of marine biology for study and instructional use
    Marine mammal biology, husbandry & medicine notes
    Marine Mammal Center North Carolina, rehabilitation of stranded animals
    Marine mammal information Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida
    Marine Mammal Page news, links and CETACEAN listserver information
    Marine mammal program National Museum of Natural History
    Marine Mammal Protection Act
    Marine Mammal Protection Agency Annual Report
    Marine mammals of the Gulf of Mexico species list
    MARMAM marine mammal research & conservation discussion list
    Museo de Invertebrados, Peces y Mamiferos Marinos Centro de Conservacion y Ecologia, Mexico
    National Marine Mammal Laboratory Bibliography US National Marine Fisheries Service
    North Atlantic Right Whale Research New England Aquarium
    Orcinus orca
    Protected Marine Species Research and Information
    Stranded Cetaceans in Cornwall Cornish Biological Records Unit UK
    Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
    Whale Conservation Institute
    Whale sounds in Sun Audio format
    WhaleNet information and resource site, Wheelock College, Boston in collaboration with NSF
    Whaletimes popular introductions to marine mammmals and other animals
    Whale-Watching Web World-Wide Web Virtual Library
    WhaleNet information about
    World Species List (WSL) - All Marine Species links to lists of marine and endangered spp
    Austin American Statesman's Bat Bridge of Austin Texas
    Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics Laboratory
    Bat Conservation International BCI
    BATLINE: The Official Bat Mailing List
    Bat Ecology & Bioacoustics Laboratory University of Bristol
    The Bat Brick Page
    The Berkeley Chiroptera Page
    The Bat Research Laboratory at the Purdue School of Science
    Bats in Oregon
    Bats in Missouri
    Bats in Florida
    Bats on the University of Florida
    Bats in British Columbia
    Bats of Great Britan
    Bats in Germany
    Batline bat research & education discussion list
    Bat Research Laboratory Ourdue University at Indianapolis
    Chiroptera exhibit UCMP Berkeley
    Flightlines Newsletter of the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme
    Flightlines: Australian Bird and Bat Banding Schemes- Several Studies
    Habitat utilization by bats in western Newfoundland
    Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics
    James Buzbee's Bat House bat information and links
    National Speleological Society (NSS)
    Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article on bats
    Rainforest Action Network
    South-eastern Australian Bat Call Library
    Sierra Club
    Spotted bat wildlife at risk in British Columbia
    Vertebrate Flight UCMP exhibit
    African Ape Site Floral Lists
    American Society of Primatologists
    California Regional Primate Research Center
    Duke University Primate Center North Carolina
    Ethograms--inventories of primate behavioral patterns
    Endangered and Threatened Primates
    HUMBIO-L discussion list for biological anthropology, primate biology & behaviour
    International Directory of Primatology
    International Primate Protection League IPPL
    Laboratory Primate Newletter archives
    Medicinal plant uses in chimpanzees
    Models for biomedical research
    Non-human primate zoonotic disease notes
    Oregon Regional Primate Reseach Center
    Primate censuses
    Primate classification scheme from AMNH
    Primate Info Net PIN
    Primate newsletters links from PIN
    Primate Society of Great Britain
    Primate Taxonomy common and scientific name indexes
    Primate Talk discussion group for primatology
    Primatologist Biographies
    Primatology Mailbase listserv
    Primates UCMP exhibit
    Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
    Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
    Forest Pest rodents Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA
    Mouse and Rat Research home page and mail list for users of mice and rats in biomedical research
    MRC HGU Mouse Atlas Home page UK
    RATMAP rat genome database
    Pest species information for householders and educators Other groups
    ABTDB, A Bos taurus Database
    Bibliography of Feral Goats
    CAMEL-L discussion forum on camel research
    Asian Elephant Conservation Center AECC India
    Hyrax pictures
    Kangaroo bibliography search
    Kangaroo bibliography text 1.9 Mb
    LlamaWeb a personal llama lovers page
    Marmot wildlife at risk in British Columbia
    Placental Mammals UCMP exhibit
    Sea otters wildlife at risk in British Columbia
    Shovel-tusker Amebelodon: new discovery University of Nebraska State Museum
    SMC Manatee Information Florida's endangered marine mammal

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